About Us

Our site offers unprecedented access to quality ballroom dance gowns including brand new ballroom gowns, consignment and buy backs. Discover our collection of new gowns from our design house, or previously danced ballroom dance gowns from our happy customers.  Let our customer care team recommend a piece to enhance your ballroom dance wardrobe. With quality and authenticity guaranteed you will stand out and light up any ballroom dance floor.  

Our Mission

As a ballroom couture house for over 20 years, we are experts in designing the perfect look for the competitive ballroom dancer, creating each gown from a foundation of built-in tummy tucks, bust lifts, and strategic seams all the way down to the smallest details.  It's our mission to help you access and shop the best ballroom dance gown at unbelievable prices. Our experienced team is here to help you discover your next obsession at an affordable price.